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Our Sponsors

How to get Sponsored!

 We are always super excited to sponsor streamers, Youtubers, companies and organizations! Part of the process involves you messaging us about your interest in a sponsorship with us. We do many mutual sponsorships. A good thing is that we do not turn down any sponsorship request as long as it is a legitimate one.

 We offer Bronze, Silver and Gold Level sponsorships. Each one has its own perks and benefits-to discounts on our merchandise to media shootouts and much more. There are different factors that make you qualify for a certain level (contact us for more details). Once you get a sponsorship confirmation, you will receive our official Sponsorship letter via email. It will contain all the details you need to know about about our sponsorship program and how it will benefit you. Thank you from all of us at XCore Gaming for choosing us as a sponsor if you decide to do so!

- Xcore Gaming Management 

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