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CORE Ministries is one of the multiple outlets for XCore Gaming. Through CORE we have the opportunity to host Local Gaming Events also known as LAN Parties each month. This is a good time for our local members as well as any local gamers in the community to get together and play awesome video games and make lasting friendships! We hold dear to our fundamental meaning  of what CORE stands for... to Connect, Overcome, Renew and Empower our fellow players. As these events grow, we hope to see more youth and young adults within the community or out of it get impacted with what CORE really means and that they may become apart of a family of like minded gamers in a safe, friendly environment! 

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Ark Survival Evolved Dedicated Servers

XCORE Gaming currently owns and operates two  public dedicated servers on Ark Survival Evolved on XboxOne. Here is a bit more information on the servers.


XCORE PRIMAL (Inactive) server, will be running on the map Ragnarok  on XboxOne. Its 24/7 PVP and Boosted.  The specified owner of this server is XC ReDemptionX and is also operated and managed by  other admins.

XC ARKTAVIUS (Inactive) server, will also be running Ragnarok on  Primitive Plus with 24/7 PVP but no offline raiding as well as boosted stats. The specified owner of this server is XC FearsomeX and is also operated and managed by other admins.

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All Videos

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