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                        Mission Statement



As an established eSPorts team of 10 years, we strongly emphasize teamwork and provide a friendly environment for our fellow gamers. We want to bring more to the table than just a good playing experience. We also want to see our gamers grow in their daily lives, and hopefully we can play a role in making that happen. Being christian owned and operated, we strive to stay true to what CORE stands for, TO Connect, Overcome, Renew and Empower.


                      Terms and Conditions


Being a continuously growing team, we require some rules and guidelines that each member must respect and strive to follow on a daily basis. This will help  to maintain a steady structure and a positive atmosphere within the community. Bellow are the rules that each member must agree to.


  • Must be respectful to all management and members. .


  • No derogatory talking or discrimination towards fellow members.


  •  Avoid swearing in party settings with fellow management or teammates.


  •  Must abide to the general rule of adding XC to gamertag.


  •  Must make an effort to be apart of the team actively.


  • Must sign up on the website during registration process.


  • Overall treat others the way you want to be treated.


***These Rules are set in stone. Repeated violation of these terms and conditions will result in removal from the team, either temporarily or permanently. This applies to everyone.***  

By clicking 'Accept' you agree to the Terms and Conditions. We will hold you to your word to uphold our team values and rules. Proceed to click 'Accept' to complete your Application request to join XCore Gaming!
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