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         Who we are

XCore Gaming is a growing online and local Gaming Community that started 11 years ago. We have always been about bringing passionate gamers from all around the world together under one name to play a wide variety of games across many different gaming platforms. Over the years, we've had the honor of meeting hundreds of gamers who have joined our ranks and have helped our online community thrive! As we have gained much support, including dozens of sponsors, we have gotten to the point where we ourselves can now also promote others through our rapidly growing social media outlets and offer sponsorships as well.  XCore Gaming has always been about the players first and treasuring each member and providing the best gaming experience possible.  We also want to give the player the opportunity to expand their gaming experience and use it in unique ways throughout the community. C.O.R.E is thriving to Connect, Overcome, Renew and Empower! We hope to see gamers from all walks of life join us through financial support, if possible, but even more importantly joining our growing family and becoming a part of a group of hardcore gamers that put the players first! 


XC RedemptionX (Owner of XCORE GAMING)


XC FearsomeX (Co-Owner of XCORE GAMING)



  I've always been a huge console gamer and always loved  chilling out with friends and being apart of a brotherhood. On that note, in 2009 i started a Clan on Call of Duty called XCalibur Gaming on the Xbox 360. We were only a handful at the time, but as the years went by, we grew in numbers. It wasn't till 2015 that we switched names to  XCore Gaming. It is during this transition that many changes would be occurring and many ideas would start to become a reality! From new sponsors to hosting our very own local gaming events, to expanding from Xbox and going to PS4 and PC as well. I am so proud of those who contribute everyday to our growing Community whether it be our staff, leadership or our casual members. This being said I hope to see you join us and help our online family grow!

 - Sam

 Founder of XCore Gaming                                                                            


 I started gaming way way back when it all began..... I started with Nintendo, and not Switch, the original. Ever since then gaming has always been a big part of my life. It was one of the biggest ways my brothers and I bonded was over video games. It has been an awesome journey since Nintendo and now being apart of XC is a huge honor and privilege. It’s been almost  4 years now and 3 as a Co-Owner of XC. I have met so many people all over the world  and built  awesome relationships through this community. I look for ward to more friendships to come!!!

 - John

 Co-Owner of XCore Gaming                                                                            


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