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XCore Gaming

XCORE GAMING is an online eSports Team that is Christian owned and operated. We have been around for 11 years and we are still going strong. We look for competitive and well-rounded players who will bring a positive atmosphere and good vibe to the team. We want to be competitive but also grow as a tight nit group of  hardcore gamers. To join you MUST be 17+, MUST have a mic, MUST add XC to gamertag, MUST have two means of communication and MUST be respectful. We would love to see you be a part of the XC Community!

       C.O.R.E            striving to...

        - Connect 

        - Overcome 

        - Renew 

        - Empower

Iron Sharpens Iron So One Man Sharpens Another               Proverbs 27:17
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